Sunday, 15 September 2013

Cherokee rose..

The legend goes that as the Cherokee tribes were being removed from their lands the mothers wept for the children amongst them. They were scared for their childrens futures, unsure and uncertain the little ones would survive the harsh journey ahead. Frightened they would not. 

The elders knew the fate of the children were in the hands of their mothers. Their survival depended on them so they prayed to the gods to send the women a sign, something that would lift their spirits and give them hope for the future of their children. Something to give the women the strength to carry on.

The next day there grew a beautiful white flower where the tears of the mothers had fell. The women saw the miracle and they knew they could face the future with a blossoming sense of hope for their children, their families. From that point their ablity to overcome adversity strengthened and with belief in their hearts they continued their walk towards a new but uncertain life.

The white of petals of this beautiful flower symbolise the tears the women had shed for their children. The vine is strong and supportive like a mothers soul, holding the flower upright to face what may come. A delicate blossom that can withstand the harsh challenges life throws at it. 

The cherokee rose grows along the trail of tears to this day.


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