Monday, 8 July 2013

Less supermom, more Daddy Pig!

We all have heroes that we look up to. We all have parental inspiration.

 So today i'm taking the time to explain why Daddy Pig is my hero!

I'm not saying that peppa is autistic...but in my eyes daddy pig is a fantastic parent for a child with special needs! No seriously! Hear me out!!

1: Daddy Pig has a wicked sense of humour! Something most needed when raising a child with special needs. I'm telling you there aren't many parents could get stuck on a slide a find it "a little bit funny!"? 

2: Daddy Pig understands "its only mud!"...he even laughs about it! He joins in jumping up and down in muddy puddles! He is a legend in all things messy play!! 

3: Daddy Pig does not lay down the law. Have you ever seen an episode where Daddy Pig loses the plot? Even with George and his constant whining!? I mean, Peppas a little on the high maintenance side but he remains Daddy Cool throughout the whole 20 mins! He fights meltdowns with a sense of calm even the Dalai Lama would struggle with!

4: Daddy Pig is friends with Brian Blessed. Everyone should be friends with Brian Blessed!

5: Daddy Pig does not shirk his responsibilities. If his little piggys want to play Happy Mrs Chicken, he plays Happy Mrs Chicken! Its not exactly the most exciting or challenging game in the world but as tedious as it is he mans up, sits there and sucks it in! 

6: Daddy Pig is a bit of an expert you know?! I'm a bit of an expert too! I make it my mission to be an expert in autism, sensory processing, walsall children's services, the benefits system, medication, assessments, form filling...but I think Daddy Pig could give me a run for my money!

7: Daddy Pig has a support network in Granny Pig and Grampa Pig. However Daddy Pig will always try to find his way to windy castle without them first before admitting defeat and seeking help. A flaw we are all guilty of so do not judge Daddy Pig too harshly.

8: Daddy Pig understands the importance of the day trip! Come rain or shine if Peppa and George want to go out, Daddy Pig is going! He knows how to feed their souls as well as their bellies!

9: Daddy Pig does not take himself to seriously. Life has been kind to Daddy Pig and he reveals in the joy of his daily life. If life hands him tomato smelling wellies he gonna put them on a become a champion! We should follow his "can do" attitude! Lets put on the golden boots, be at one with the puddle and jump!

10: Daddy Pig is the best Daddy in the world because Peppa and George say so. Thats all that matters!


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Hooray for Daddy Pig xxxxxx

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