Sunday, 30 June 2013

Nothing to see here...

So I haven't posted for over a week which is pretty unheard of for me in the whole year I've been blogging.

So I was rattling my brain for drama I could write about? What's awful that's happened? What terrible emotions can I release on the unsuspecting passer by? What anger and hatred is bubbling below the surface waiting to erupt? But I couldn't find anything traumatic to write about??

Could I be....happy? Could I just be having a normal, uneventful week? Surely not a calm on the stormy seas of autism? Err yes, I believe I'm feeling....normal???

So, I thought I'd actually write about that then! The fact that between the battles and the bawling, from one drama to another you can actually behaviour like another human being! I've spent so long describing being a 'special needs mom' that I forget to tell you that first and foremost, I'm just a mom!

I play with my kids. They like trampolines, messy play, trains and tracks...they adore the bath, love swimming. Right at this moment we're watching Something god we love Justin! We hate Mr Tumble, we scream hysterically, makes watching kinda hard! But yeh, Justin you're a god amongst men!

We love street family lie ins...snuggling down in our giant bed, duvets round our necks watching films on a Saturday morning. We also like to have time on our electronic entertainment devices!

My kids like you to sit with them as they play, so we watch with interest (or we jump on Facebook!) as they explore their world. Jesse likes you to do action songs for her...we've learnt to let her fill words in during the song and it's expanded her talking. She's signing now too!

I got terribly excited when Jesse had a letter in her bag saying she was going on her first school trip! To feed the ducks at the local town! She even went to Costa Coffee!

I've just got 6 tickets for me, lee, the world and it's wife to see Cody perform at the local arts centre with his class mates next week...I'm beyond happy!

Proud mommy moments happen everyday. Sometimes we have long periods of nothing happening and everyone just saunters happily through the day doing the things that make them the people they are. I don't think I give enough thought to these moments. I don't sit in that moment and appreciate it for what it is...calm! Mainly cus I'm waiting for it to kick off and sometimes it does but a lot of the time ...nothing. Nothing happens.

I'm happy to report that nothing's happening around here!


Nannyviv said...

That is such a wonderful thing to hear you say, it makes us SO happy. Never lose this feeling, always come back to this blog after each "dramatic" episode, you are allowed to be normal and happy, and hopefully it will happen more and more with your wonderful children. Never forget they bring even more joy and laughter into our lives than heartache, and above all they know how much they are loved.

Mildred E. Benn said...

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