Wednesday, 13 March 2013

And I don't wanna miss a thing....

Every now and again your children will do something that makes you so so proud!

I don't want to miss those moments and not mark them!

JESSE DOESN'T WALK.... I promise not to miss those moments where Jesse walked along the beach holding mommy's hand like a big girl! It wasn't very far, it was a bit stumbling and she kept breaking into a run...but for those fleeting moments she walked with me. A first! Jesse DOESN'T walk! Not only did she walk a tiny bit but we played "shall we go slow or shall we go fast?" to which Jesse shouts "less goo fat!" and we ran a step or two!

CODY DOESN'T UNDERSTAND....I promise not to forget when we told Cody he was going to the beach he didn't seem to be taking the information in. We showed him some photos but he didn't look, so we half heartedly finished by saying "So we're going to the caravan today." Cody promptly jumped up, ran down the stairs to the front door and called "Shall we go to the caravan?"

JESSE CANT COMMUNICATE....I promise to remember when Jesse was so tired she climbing onto my lap and whispered "bedtime". She puts her little head on my shoulder as i take her to her room and tuck her in as she still clutches the toys she has gathered through the day in her tiny hands.

YOU CAN'T AVOID MELTDOWNS....I pledge to always get down on the floor to talk to Cody and explain that we understand how he feels when his toys get broken and we are sorry we can't fix them so he can tell me again in his little heartbroken voice that it was "an accident" and have a hug to feel better.

CODY AND JESSE DON'T ACKNOWLEDGE EACH OTHER .. I promise to cherish the moment when Cody turned to Jesse in the swimming pool and cheered " are swimming!!" to his sister.

THEY DON'T LIKE SOCIAL INTERACTION...I will never take for granted those 'kiss goodbyes' they give to their Nanny's and granddad every time they leave. The way Jesse leans in with a smacker of a kiss when you make a "MWAH" noise or the kisses Cody shares with his daddy but teases me when i ask for one!

THEY DON'T LIKE PHYSICAL CONTACT....I will cherish the cuddles Cody and Jesse give me at bedtime. How they clamber up on to the bed, shuffle over right in close and lift my arm up to put round their shoulders. Then we snuggle in with a bottle to watch a film.

JESSE IS CLINGY...I will never again misunderstand that look she gives me when I'm holding her tight that asks "mommy, do you love this as much as I do?" As she grabs your hands and places them on her tummy so you have her in a bear hug. How she leans back so her cheek touches yours. How she shares these little tender moments of quiet with you.

THEY WON'T PLAY WITH YOU...I promise to really listen to the laughter when Cody and Jesse are playing roughly on the bed with daddy. They take it in turns to be "thrown" down on the bed by daddy, like a tiny toddler tag team! The joy in their squeals of delight are a pleasure to me.

THEY DON'T GET JOKES...I will fondly think of Cody teasing his daddy with pretend kisses! Leaning in as his daddy moves forward. Making sure he's nose to nose with daddy and then running away when he tried to kiss him! He laughs as daddy wails "ohhh wheres my kiss" and comes back to tease him once again!

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF THEY ARE HAPPY?....Because i will never forget these experiences...I will always know you are happy.

To my beautiful children, I make a promise now that I will never ever miss these special moments...I will cherish the words you utter despite the challenge it presents you, the games you play in your own unique way or the connections you make with the people you love. I will not miss a thing...



Anonymous said...

I love this post. I too recently have been going over the years of my sons life. And to have thought years ago the life I thought he would have to the life he now has. Seems almost incomparible. The things I thought he'd never achieve or succeed at. Like you say, it's about embracing all that they do. Thanks for sharing. Proud parents xx

Nannyviv said...

And we promise to never forget that we have shared many of these moments. We will never forget the time we spent with you over was the worst of times in some ways due to the circumstances, but it was the best time too, we never laughed, smiled and cuddled so much for years. We miss them every day we dont see them since then...good job thats usually no longer than 5 days. And as the previous comment says we have no idea what they might achieve in the future, they have taught us that so many parents miss so much with their children because the tiny things like you mentioned just go unnoticed in the crush of everyday work and family life.

Ken Upton said...

Beautiful Donna! x

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