Sunday, 17 February 2013

What parents want to hear!

I've seen many many lists of what NOT to say to a parent of autistic kids so I thought I'd do my list...


1. I totally take your word for it.

2. No, there's no forms to fill in we just give it to you cus you need it.

3. They'll get all the help they need.

4. We'll have the kids for a bit.

5. Why don't you just go to bed for a bit and i'll look after the kids?

6. We've got an appointment tomorrow if that's any good?

7. Actually, you're fantastic parents.

8. I'd love my child to play with yours.

9. You're doing everything perfectly for your child.

10. Oh we've got the perfect facility for your children's diagnosis.

11. Oh we've got the perfect resources to put in place to support you.

12. Hi, I've heard you have a SN child, would you like a carer, cleaner and baby sitter?

13. Hi, I missed your call earlier on so I thought I'd return it ASAP!

14. Here's a list of all the information you're ever gonna need, all written in one place.       Thought it would be easier that way!

15. No, you're not fine. Tell me how you really feel?

16. You're not a scrounger, you're a full time carer.

17. Now enough about their faults, tell me something wonderful your child did?

18. Here, i've cooked you a meal/cleaned the house/done your washing up/put away  clothes!

19. You were right and I was wrong. Sorry.

20. Congratulations, you've won the lottery!


Meandmine Asdinit said...

Oh Donna that's just bloody brilliant hahahahaha. If only we could hear just one of them - it would make my day LOL

louise uk said...

The best list EVER! Totally agree with all of them and would love to hear number 19 from people more often. Xxx

Nannyviv said...

Hope you've heard a few of these from us recently. Xx

angela zapata said...

You said it perfectly :)

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